Aesthetidocs has a powerful suite of features.

Built by a leading Aesthetic Doctor who knows exactly what you need to run a safe and successful Aesthetic Clinic. 

AesthetiDocs allows you to manage your clinic from one single app. 

Bookings, reminders, consent, documentation, prescriptions, aftercare photographs and payments can be managed by yourself or your clinic staff depending on your needs.

A simple way to ensure you’re doing everything correctly to run a successful aesthetic clinic.

Online Bookings & Calendar

Easily manage your clinic availability from the AesthetiDocs calender. Patients can book, reschedule and pay deposits online through your own booking portal any day of the week-24/7. An intuitive admin module allowing you to schedule clinician availability & rotas cross multiple locations and easily block time for holiday requirements or unavailability.
Online Bookings with Deposits
Waiting list for cancellation appointments
Book multiple practitioners / treatments
Manage clinic calendar
Customise Deposit Amounts
Appointment Reminders
Reminders to rebook
Manage rotas and staff availability
Set your own cancellation policy
Book by location if mobile / franchise
Add buffer time to treatments / appointments
Identify & tag VIP patients
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Consultations are paramount in understanding your patients needs, concerns and ideals. Without managing these appropriately leaves you and your patient open to miscommunication. Consultations are made simple with Aesthetidocs pre-populated concerns documentation in which you can gauge what your patient wants to achieve from your treatments. Recording this allows for better understanding as an aesthetic clinician.
Pre-populated consultation concerns
Red flag any abnormalities
Medicolegally safe
Available on any device
Patient-practitioner affirmations
Record before-after photos
Save time in clinic
Easily review medical questionnaires
Face mapping on patient photos
Better patient experience
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For prescribing practitioners, our e-prescriptions allows you to easily and quickly sign prescribed treatments in a simple click of a button during your patient flow. Ensuring your prescribing records are secured in one place for safe and easy review. For non-prescribing practitioners and prescribers, prescribing in the aesthetic industry can be difficult to manage and securely store. Prescriptions should be stored in line with GDPR regulations and data protection. AesthetiDocs allows you to electronically send secure prescription notifications to your prescribing practitioner and have them returned to your AesthetiDocs account.
Easy click prescriptions.
Easily accessible prescriptions for review.
Email e-prescriptions to your prescriber.
Email prescriptions to your pharmacy.
Pre-filled prescriptions (which you can update regularly.)
Stored in one place against patients name.
Receive completed prescriptions returned to your AesthetiDocs account.
Safe, secure storage.
Printable prescriptions.
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AesthetiDocs real time document flow ensures you capture key information from your patient during their face-to-face consultation and appointment. The easy-to-use documentation allows you to mark-up patients photos to record your product, technique and volume used in a few easy clicks. Free-hand documentation allows you to document written notes and chose from your saved “docs” to quickly add notes you regularly use in clinic.
Reviewing patient notes and documentation can be visible from any of your devices at any time.
Real time documentation flow.
Before and after photo storage.
Treatment mapping on face.
Saved “docs” for automated treatment notes.
Linked to patient and appointment record.
GDPR Compliant.
Take photos direct from your device.
Pinpoint exactly what products / techniques used .
Digital Patient Signatures.
Secure Prescription storage.
Medico-legal patient documentation.
Written documentation notes.
Available anywhere on any device .
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Bespoke Aftercare & Complication Management

AesthetiDocs have a comprehensive range of aftercare forms covering multiple treatments that can be automatically sent to your patient following their appointment in clinic. Providing professional aftercare is an important step and gives your patient confidence and makes them feel safe when leaving clinic.

AesthetiDocs has also made it easy to add, remove, tailor, or customise forms as we know every clinic is different and will want to offer a bespoke personalised service to their clients.
Send aftercare electronically
Add, remove, tailor, and customise forms
Automatically schedule top up appointments
Send automatically by linking to patients booking record
Complication management
Automatic reminders to rebook
Preloaded aftercare forms
Give your patients confidence when leaving clinic
Send before & afters direct from app
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Payments, Accounts and Reporting

AesthetiDocs has a comprehensive payments, accounts, and reporting module to allow you to easily manage your clinic and analyse key performance metrics by clinic, staff member, treatment, or patient to help you make informed decisions. AesthetiDocs will allow you to differentiate between cosmetic and medical treatments for VAT and accounts records.
Tag procedures as medical or cosmetic for VAT
Sales reports by practitioner or location
Easy decision making
Identify VAT exempt treatments
Set your own deposit amounts
Custom Reporting
Easy to use reporting
Set your own cancellation policies
Manage Staff Permissions
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Protocols and guidelines

An important feature for any aesthetic practitioner who is faced with a complication, side effect or difficult situation. AesthetiDocs protocols and guidelines folder is where you will find the help you need in an easy click of a button. Keeping you and your patients safe.

Signs and symptoms to look out for:
Vascular occlusion protocols
Infection management.
First line and second line antibiotic recommendations
High risk patients
Herpes simplex treatment
Prophylaxis of herpes simplex virus
Anaphylaxis guidelines
Oedema management
Vision disturbance and blindness
Emergency guidelines and protocols
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